Building a new office block
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Building a new office block

We have a big site at work but after the company expanded we were running very short on office space. Most of our accounts team was in a demountable office and they were really hot in summer and cold in winter. It was so much better for the whole team once we got the new office block built on site. This blog talks about the process of building a new office block, including the design and construction of a block for your team. I hope it will be useful for anyone looking to build a new office block on their site.

Building a new office block

  • Two Tips to Follow When Hiring a Demolition Contractor

    19 January 2021

    Below are some tips you should follow if you need to hire a demolition contractor. Find one who can clear away the rubble for you Not all demolition contractors include the clearing away of the rubble in their demolition fee; this is mostly because not every client wants the rubble removed. Some, for example, may want to rummage through it for building materials they can reuse or sell. However, if you don't plan to use any of the rubble that the contractor will create when they perform the demolition, then you should pick a contractor who either includes this service in their demolition fee or who offers it as an extra service.

  • Have You Considered the Advantages of Directional Drilling Services?

    11 December 2020

    Do you need to get a utilities pipe or cable across a river or through a crowded housing estate? Often, when you want to lay a pipe or a cable you simply dig a trench for the length of the pipe and insert the pipe before covering the pipe and filling in the trench. That works well when the route of the pipe is unobstructed, but if there are natural or man-made obstructions in the way, then it becomes impractical.

  • The Don'ts of Shower Screen Usage

    4 November 2020

    Bathroom designs can be costly to implement if you do not conduct market research. Many homeowners go all in and add ceramic bathtubs and designer vanities in their bathrooms without considering cost. However, decorating a bathroom should not cost you an arm and a leg. For example, shower screens are inexpensive features that add elegance and aesthetic value to your home. That said, shower screens should be used appropriately to avoid untimely damage.

  • The Top 4 Benefits of investing in Acoustic Solar Panels

    28 September 2020

    When you visit a place, whether it is an auditorium, a church, or a restaurant, one of the impressions that will stick with you are the acoustics or the sound effects. If the place is properly soundproofed, you will have a fun and positive experience, and the ambience of the place will be pleasant. On the other hand, if you can hear echoes from the other end of the room and noise from the street, you are likely to leave the place with a negative impression.

  • 3 Ways That Technology Is Changing Marine Transportation

    27 August 2020

    Any business seeking to import tools of the trade from overseas must choose the mode of transport carefully. Road, rail, sea, and air are the only modes of transportation that businesses can choose, but the final decision should depend on where goods are coming from. Marine transport is arguably the cheapest option if you are importing goods from abroad. However, maritime transport only makes sense if time is not of the essence.