Building a new office block
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Building a new office block

We have a big site at work but after the company expanded we were running very short on office space. Most of our accounts team was in a demountable office and they were really hot in summer and cold in winter. It was so much better for the whole team once we got the new office block built on site. This blog talks about the process of building a new office block, including the design and construction of a block for your team. I hope it will be useful for anyone looking to build a new office block on their site.

Building a new office block

  • Top Advantages of Professional Residential Drain Cleaning Service

    12 June 2017

    Every homeowner dreads dealing with clogged plumbing drains, as they can bring activities at their home almost to a standstill. Taking preventative steps is critical to ensuring that residential drains remain free of clogs.  One of the steps that can be taken to proactively deal with the problem is occasional cleaning of the residential drains by a professional. If you are a DIY die-hard, you might want to know why going for professional drain cleaning service is the best option.

  • Why Grinding Concrete Floors With Diamond Grit Wheels Is Favoured By Many Concrete Contractors

    8 June 2017

    When it comes to performing projects that involve grinding and polishing concrete floor systems, nothing is more suited for the job than concrete grinders. However, it is important to know that not all concrete grinders operate the same way despite being created to perform the same function. Various grinding tools can be used together with concrete grinders to help remove the upper surface of a concrete floor surface so as to expose the underlying aggregate and prepare the concrete for a polished finish.

  • 3 Types of Land Survey Services

    30 May 2017

    If you are thinking about investing in a piece of land and developing it for residential or commercial use, it is highly likely you will need to have the land surveyed. During the land surveying process, a contractor will visit the land to carry out various measurements and technical assessments. There are a number of reasons why a survey might be required, and there are different types of surveys to meet your needs.

  • Why Architects Should Consider Enlisting the Services of CAD Drafters

    25 May 2017

    Over the years, a lot of things have changed in the construction world, but it's a no-brainer that architectural drafting remains one of the most indispensable parts of the building construction process. Today, CAD software can be used to generate accurate architectural drawings for the further creation of building designs. As a result, modern architects do not need to make architectural drawings themselves. Instead, they can rely on drawings produced by CAD drafters to make final designs for buildings.

  • Pipe Down: Choosing The Best Pipe Materials For Your Rainwater Sprinkler System

    25 May 2017

    Any Australia with a green thumb will be well aware of the value of a good sprinkler system to protect their plants and lawns against the brutal heat of the sun -- however, sprinkler systems can also use large, environmentally-damaging amounts of water, so the ecologically-minded gardener will often choose to supply their sprinklers with harvested rainwater. Installing a rainwater sprinkler system on your grounds can be an effective, guilt-free way to keep your gardens looking beautiful during the hottest months of the year.