Building a new office block
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Building a new office block

We have a big site at work but after the company expanded we were running very short on office space. Most of our accounts team was in a demountable office and they were really hot in summer and cold in winter. It was so much better for the whole team once we got the new office block built on site. This blog talks about the process of building a new office block, including the design and construction of a block for your team. I hope it will be useful for anyone looking to build a new office block on their site.

Building a new office block

How to Use Temporary Garden Beds to Spice Up Your Rental Home

Troy Medina

More people than ever are opting to rent a property rather than tying themselves into a lifetime mortgage. There are an increasing number of properties available for these individuals and many of them are single family homes. You may prefer this type of living as opposed to apartment style and have just moved into a nice new house yourself. However, you'd like to personalise it to an extent but without breaking the terms of your lease. As you like some colour in the garden, how can you achieve your objective?

Adding Colour to Your Life

To make life easier, the typical landlord will only spend a minimal amount on landscaping. This makes it easier for them to deal with maintenance, and they won't need to send a gardener over every week. The landlord will tend to pick plants that look good, stand up to the conditions well and will be perfectly happy all year-round without a lot of attention. This may be good from a practicality point of view but it's not exactly pretty to look at.

Installing the Perfect Solution

There is a limit to what you can do within the terms of your lease, as you're not allowed to plant anything that will grow and become permanent. Nevertheless, you can still install some shrubs and plants on your own volition by using temporary garden beds.

Working with Temporary Beds

If you've never heard of this option, you should ask your landscape supplier for more information. You will find that these beds come in a kit and can be screwed together to form a home for your plants. You can add fertiliser and soil before planting your favourite shrubs and all without making an impact on the actual garden itself.

You can place these artificial beds on your patio or even on top of an existing soil bed. When you move out you can take them with you to your next property and can start the process once again.

Ensuring Easy Cleanup

You will want to make sure that you leave no trace when it comes to the end of your lease and if you adopt this approach you should be perfectly fine. You may have to pay to clean the patio area underneath, as this will undoubtedly accumulate some dirt, but this is little price to pay for 12 months of gardening enjoyment.

Talk with your landscaping supplier and they can provide you with garden beds, soil, fertiliser and everything else that you will need.