Building a new office block
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Building a new office block

We have a big site at work but after the company expanded we were running very short on office space. Most of our accounts team was in a demountable office and they were really hot in summer and cold in winter. It was so much better for the whole team once we got the new office block built on site. This blog talks about the process of building a new office block, including the design and construction of a block for your team. I hope it will be useful for anyone looking to build a new office block on their site.

Building a new office block

Does Your Home Need Underpinning?

Troy Medina

Have you noticed that your home has started to lean? Your property is somewhere you should be able to feel safe and relaxed. It is your escape from the world and where you can be yourself without any fear of judgement. However, if your home becomes unsafe, it can be worrying. Maybe, you have found that the windows and doors of the property don't close as easily as they once did? Perhaps jagged cracks have started to form on the walls of the property.

If you suspect that there could be a problem with the foundation of your property, it is wise to speak to an underpinning company as soon as you can. Subsidence will not fix itself and will only get worse over time. When you decide that your property might require underpinning services, there are a few things that you must do to ensure that that resulting underpinning solves whatever problem you may have. Here are two things you should check before work begins.

Order a survey

Sometimes, it can be tempting to think that you know what underpinning needs to be done, so there is no value in wasting time and money on a survey. Skipping the survey is almost always a mistake. While you could be right about the nature of the problem, you could also be wrong. You might be spending money fixing something that isn't broken. Instead of a crumbling foundation, you might be facing a drainage issue or a tree pushing its roots into your building. You might have correctly identified the problem, but not appreciated the full extent of the damage. It is only when you authorize a full survey that you can identify the problem and formulate a response that fixes the damage and stabilizes the building for the future.

Find the correct solution

Once the survey has been completed, you can decide which type of underpinning could be needed. Your choice should be guided by the expert assessment of a qualified underpinning expert. They assess the nature of any damage. They will consider the weight of the building, the height of the water table in the location, and required the depth of the underpinning, as well as the nature of the soil in the area where the building is located. Never try to complete the underpinning work alone. Only an experienced expert will know the right solution and will ensure it is implemented in the way needed to protect your property.

Call an underpinning contractor for more information.